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The 24th season of the ASCC Winter Rally Series
Champeau/Jurgenson on the 2008 Minnesota
                          Winter Rally #1, The Ice Machine
Champeau/Jurgenson on the 2008 Minnesota Winter Rally.

Easy Touring Rallies
over snow covered forest roads

Winter is a great time for rallies in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. The snow fills the imperfections, dust is kept to a minimum, and finding traction can be a challenge. The ASCC Winter Rally Series offers easy course following with no traps. Rally teams will see some remote wilderness while touring the lesser traveled forest roads. Northern Minnesota rallies begin near Duluth, and are 100 to 300 miles in length.

Stage Rally thrills without the expense!

It takes a lot of time and expense to build a car for Stage Rallying, plus there is the need to maintain a tow vehicle and trailer, and the high entry fees are pretty high. You can run the entire ASCC Winter Rally Series for less than one Regional Stage Rally entry fee, and you get many miles of driving fun without destroying your car.

The format and roads are similar to those used on Stage Rallies so that rally teams can get an opportunity to practice. On snow-covered roads at 30 mph, you will get the same thrills and lack of traction as on gravel at much higher speeds. The ASCC Winter Rally Series is an excellent opportunity for Stage Rally teams to get familiar with their equipment and how to read a route book. It is also a chance for aspiring Stage Rallyists to determine if they are ready to step up to the rigors of Stage Rallying.
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