The Checkpoint

Volume 40 Number 11                December 1999
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Skidmarks -- by Bill Taylor, Editor

Pet Peeves
Its got to be a sign of growing old age. It seems like I find more and more things to be irritatingly stupid. I’ve already taken a shot idiotic and just plain unsafe Daytime Running Lights (DRL’s). The idea is to make cars more easily seen, the same as our requirement that all cars involved in a rally drive with their lights on.

DRL’s have a major flaw. Most of them are just bright enough to give drivers the impression that they have their headlights on. At the same time, cars equipped with DRL’s do not automatically turn on their tail lights. More than once I’ve had DRL-equipped cars go flying by on the highway at night showing no tail lights. More government mandated stupidity!

But, the government doesn’t have a lock on stupidity. Many new cars come with factory installed "fog" lamps. They are sometimes useful; but, where is it written that car so equipped must be driven with them on at all times? This is a fad that seems to be most popular with younger drivers; though there are a lot of geezers just as guilty. They seem to have turned on the fog lamps and can’t find the switch to turn them off.

As a corollary to Murphy’s Law, at least one of the fog lights will be misaimed. Misaimed just enough to dazzle oncoming traffic and negate their value at seeing in the fog.

More Answers to Unasked Questions
Perusing the want ads in AutoWeek can be very interesting. For the last couple of weeks there has been an ad for a 1990 Yugo Cabriolet - one of only 13 in the US. Can anybody figure out why there are only 13? Thirteen seems a fitting number, at that. I think that the asking price of $15,000 is a bit high (about $14,950 high!) Here’s a scary question... If you find a cache of Fiat 128 or Lada parts, can you upgrade a Yugo? Maybe our Canadian friends can answer this one. Ladas were imported into Canada, at least for a while.

Now for the Real Thing (In Some Cases)
How about $145,000 for a fake Ferrari Daytona Spyder? At least the ad notes that it is a "spyder conversion" from a GTB. An honest phoney? For only $5,000 more, you can buy a genuine, Daytona GT-3 class winning BMW M3. Fake or the real thing? Let me see...

Then again, for $16,500 you can acquire a 1964 Morris Mini Cooper S with an extensive history. That history includes competing in the Tulip and RAC rallies, Silverstone and Brands Hatch, various hill climbs and club events. Think this one would have a higher "gee whiz" factor than either of the others and still leave you enough money to buy a nice house with a garage to park it in. Let me see...

Change is Constant
Elsewhere in this issue, members will note that we have amended the constitution to consolidate a coupe of offices. There just is no sense in having as many constitutional offices as we do. Members will all get a copy of the amended document as soon as we can get it pulled together.

Jon Anderson put a lot of thought into these changes. They make a lot of sense.

--nuff sed

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President                                 Diane Sargent
7675 Bear Trap Junc. Rd.            H 729-0821
Saginaw, MN 55779-9672         W 727-6864

Vice President                             Tim Winker
7675 Bear Trap Junc. Rd.            H 729-0821
Saginaw, MN 55779-9672         W 729-0826

Secretary                                       Bill Taylor
423 So. 19th Ave. East                H 728-2980
Duluth, MN 55812

Treasurer                                   Char Taylor
423 So. 19th Ave. East               H 728-2980
Duluth, MN 55812                     W 723-2949

Competition                            Randy Jokela
414 Carlton Ave West                H 879-6221
Cloquet, MN 55720

Membership                                 V.A. Cant
2-B Determined.
Duluth MN 55816

Publicity                                  Jon Anderson
5554 Maple Grove Rd                H 729-9390
Hermantown, MN 55811           W 722-6822

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423 S. 19th Ave. East
Duluth, MN 55812






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Matter of Record

Minutes of Meetings
Thursday, November 11, 1999
James Supper Club, 4767 W. Arrowhead Road, Duluth MN 55811

Meeting called to order at 8:15 PM
Members present: Diane Sargent, Tim Winker, Jon Anderson, Randy Jokela, Bill Taylor
Roll Call: waived
Minutes of previous meeting approved as printed.

Vice President:

Secretary: Nothing to report.


Membership: Nothing to report.

Publicity: Nothing to report


Old Business

New Business

Nominations for Office

The nominations below were made. Those elected will serve for the year 2000.
· President: Jon Anderson
· Vice President/Publicity: Tim Winker
· Secretary: Bill Taylor
· Treasurer: Char Taylor
· Competition/Membership: Diane Sargent, Randy Jokela

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM
No raffle

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Absentee/Proxy Ballot

Election of officers for calendar year 2000 is scheduled for the December 1999 meeting. The following members have been nominated for office. If you are unable to attend the December meeting, you may complete the absentee/proxy ballot below and return it by mail or with another member to be received prior to or at the December 1999 meeting.

President:              Jon Anderson ____
                Write in ___________ ____

Vice President/Publicity: Tim Winker ____
                Write in ___________ ____

Secretary:               Bill Taylor ____
                Write in ___________ ____

Treasurer:               Char Taylor ____
                Write in ___________ ____

Competition/Membership: Diane Sargent____
                        Randy Jokela ____
                Write in ___________ ____

This is a proxy/absentee ballot provided so that you may participate in the December 1999 election of officers. Mark with ink next to the name of your choice or write in the name of another ASCC member for each office. Sign your name in the space provided below and either mail it to the Secretary prior to the December 1999 meeting or send it to the meeting with another member.

Name: _____________________________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________________

City, State, Zip _____________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________

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